Privacy is critical. So, when it comes to destroying your documents we leave no doubt

Whether you would like to recycle your records or shred them, you can be assured your organization’s data will remain confidential.

Once the process is completed, we will issue you a written certification, attesting to the complete document destruction of the selected records.

We have strict transfer protocols to ensure your documents are kept confidential from pickup to destruction. All our employees have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which prevents them from disclosing your sensitive information.

Whenever you throw out your documents, you are leaving them vulnerable to dumpster diving journalists who are looking for a good story to publish. Countless trade secrets are revealed every year due to documents which were improperly disposed. Do not be another statistic, dispose your documents the safe way.

You may think your employees do as their told and shred all the documents you tell them to, but that simply is not the case. Some employees throw documents in the trash in order to avoid the tedious chore of shredding documents for hours. When we destroy your documents, you can be sure they are gone forever.

We also destroy digital files and electronic media such as flash drives, floppy disks, external hard drives, and other physical storage formats. We do not rely on degaussing the files, we physically incinerate any and all electronic media.

You might think destroying hard drives is a waste when you could recycle it but the harsh truth is 30% of all recycled hard drives contain sensitive information including bank accounts, private emails, and other files you do not want anyone else accessing. Physical destruction is the only surefire way to permanently delete your files.

Why Choose Perfect Retention for Your Document Destruction

At Perfect Retention you will get fair prices and the best bang for your buck. We make sure your benefits always outweigh the cost of the service. Document destruction can be requested as an add-on to your current package or as a standalone service. Do not worry about us wasting your paper, after shredding your files, we send them to recycling plants to convert into new sheets of paper. You can never be too careful when it comes to national regulations since improper disposal of sensitive information carries heavy fines for corporations which range up to seven figures. It is better to spend a few hundred bucks a year to properly dispose of your documents than to end up paying a million dollar fine.

Having us dispose of your documents will also save you a lot of valuable time and money. Having your employees dispose of your documents will cost more and take longer than having us destroy them. Time is money so do not waste either, have us do all the hard work for you.

Our heavy duty equipment can destroy any folder you send us. Our shredders cut through staples, light metal, and plastic to ensure any trace of the information is permanently destroyed.

Save time and your money, avoid hefty fines and eliminate any chance of a security threat. Have us destroy your files and rest assured they are gone forever. Whether you want us to burn them, shred them, or dissolve them, just send them to us and the information will be lost for all eternity. Call us today!