We can store your excess furniture for any amount of time. We can also receive, deliver and install new furniture according to your construction schedule.

Let Perfect Retention become an extension of your facilities with furniture storage and record storage options.

When you need a set of records we will pick-up and deliver them quickly and efficiently. When you no longer need your records, we can certify their destruction. We will limit access to authorized personnel and assist you in your records storage management.

Store your records at Perfect Retention with confidence and use more of your office space for productivity. Our clean, modern storage facilities are equipped with perimeter defenses, as well as smoke and motion detection systems to keep your business records safe from fire and theft. They are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer climate-controlled facilities which will preserve your furniture for years to come. Whether it is an antique wooden table, a leather sofa or household appliances, we have you covered. Proper climate control is also essential when ensuring no pests get into your furniture.

If you need any assistance then just give our trained customer service representatives a call. They are available to serve you 24/7. Our customer service team can answer your questions, address your concerns, and assist you with anything you need.

Request your furniture at any time and have them delivered in a timely manner by our sister company, Sher-Del Transfer & Relocation Services Inc. We make it just as easy to request your items as it is to store them with our stress-free policy.

We have proper fire prevention systems in place to keep your furniture from becoming damaged. We have state of the art smoke detectors and alarms covering every inch of our warehouses as well as more sprinklers than our maintenance team cares to count.

Check on your furniture at any time with our computerized inventory management system. Our intelligent inventory software keeps any items from slipping through the cracks. Visit us whenever you want at our facilities by filling out a single form. We can show you around and ensure our facilities are in the exact condition we say they are.

If you want to view your items then simply request photos and we will supply them as soon as possible. We can provide both physical and digital photos on demand at any time during office hours.

Our transfer teams will take good care of your items. Our movers receive extensive training before being sent out to handle deliveries or pickups. We even install padding on all of our trucks to ensure there are no cracks, snaps or chips on your items.

Why Choose Perfect Retention for Your Furniture Storage Needs

At Perfect Retention, we will store your items for as long or short as you want. We can store your furniture for a couple of months while you move houses, or we can keep them safe for you at our facilities indefinitely. If you are not sure how long you want us to store your items that will not be a problem as we are prepared to flex for our clients.

Store anything from 10 ft. tall double door fridges to an office couch. We are prepared to store items of all shapes and sizes. Our New Jersey facility has over 100,000 sq. ft. of storage space.

Save space in your office by letting us store everything you don’t need at the current moment. Up to half of every office space gets wasted by furniture which no one uses. By storing furniture, you can save space in your current office and retrieve it when you have a bigger or additional office.

Our payment methods are flexible, you can set up a monthly automatic payment or pay monthly at your convenience. Our number one priority is convenience for our clients.

We hope we have covered everything you need to know, but if we missed anything then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or book a visit to one of our facilities.