Perfect Retention for Lawyers

Boxes stuffed with critical documents begin piling up around your office. Each new project is not only a legal challenge but a space management one. You want to store them away, but the documents are too important to pass off to someone you don’t have complete faith in.

The cleanliness, space, and organization that defines a law firm slowly get swallowed up.

But you put up with your current situation, meaning you are:

  • Spending unnecessary time and money filing and retrieving documents in a never-ending cycle (these files are crucial to your business, but you’re a lawyer, not a librarian)
  • Digging through a mountain of files whenever you need to retrieve a document
  • Tediously organizing and re-organizing the files you have
  • Constantly in need of new space for documents (or you have a big space in your office reserved for future document storage)
  • Simply accepting whatever system of retention you have Frankensteined together over time (no matter how clunky or slow)
storage for law firms
Pass off your record management and
put your mind at ease

Our one job is to store and manage your records, furniture, and anything else you need out of your office but available on call.

Law firms accumulate thousands of files a year, but rarely need access to them. They’re filled with furniture that’s there in case it’s needed, but hasn’t been in use for years. Removing clutter from your office space not only puts your mind at ease, and presents a clean impression to clients, but it also keeps your files safe.

Perfect Retention takes files, furniture, and all other clutter from your office and puts them into storage, where they’re safe, secure, and easily accessible.

With Perfect Retention, we offer you peace of mind by:

  • Providing 24/7 security for your files and state-of-the-art alarm systems
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance, so the only people who see your files are people you authorize
  • Having constant headaches over organizing and re-organizing the files you have
  • Consistently reviewing inventory to ensure your files are safe
  • Sending periodic updates about the status of your files

We are proactive about your file management. We actively maintain the security of your files, and keep you updated about their status.

That means you’ll never wonder about the status of your files.

And with locations around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey, they’re never far away.

If you want to store your files with a company that provides 100% security and peace of mind, call us today.

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Here’s what we offer:

Records Management:

We take your files and organize them with bar codes and digitized records so you know exactly where your files are.

Furniture Storage:

If you have furniture taking up space in your office, store it with us and access when you need it.

Document Destruction:

You have confidential documents you need destroyed—we have got strict protocols for destroying them.

File Indexing:

If you’ve got a specific indexing system, our system can adapt to your needs. If you don’t have a system, we’ll do it for you so you can quickly and easily retrieve your files.

Document Conversion:

You know you need to convert your physical files to digital ones. Let us take that headache off your hands with our high-speed scanners (at your office, or at our facilities).

Disaster Recovery:

Nothing is 100% certain, and disasters do happen. That’s why our Disaster Recovery system gives you instant offsite access to your files.

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