At Perfect Retention File Indexing, we will organize your documents into a cross referencing filing system that allows documents to be retrieved quickly and easily.

We can work with your staff or provide automated and manual entry of index information from a variety of sources.

When Perfect Retention completes a file indexing project for your company it empowers users to comb through millions of records in seconds to find and retrieve needed documents, saves time since locating documents is easy, allows you to search for documents by date, subject, keywords of phrases. We also offer document storage, destruction, and recovery options services.

We offer file indexing as an add-on to your current package or as a standalone service. We flex for our customers to ensure you get what you want without having to go through the chain of command. Reap the benefits of having your files indexed when you upgrade your package today.

Indexing your files will greatly increase the efficiency at which your office operates. Trying to find files is a huge time sink for most offices that still rely solely on filing cabinets and paper copies. Transcend the hassle by having us scan and index all of your files.

Having your files indexed saves a lot of time and therefore saves you a lot of money. You do not have to worry about losing money due to important documents getting lost or even destroyed. But if some documents at your office do get destroyed, give us a call, we offer disaster recovery services that will grant you 24/7 offsite access to everything that you store with us.

When your files are properly indexed it will speed up the workflow of your employees since they will not have to spend time ravaging through old filing cabinets trying to find the right documents. All your employees have to do is run a simple search and within seconds they will have the right file.

Why Choose Perfect Retention for Your File Indexing

At Perfect Retention we always make sure to supply the best deals to our clients which is why we price our services fairly. You get the best bang for your buck and all of the benefits strongly outweigh the cost of your package.

Our sophisticated indexing software will make sure the index is optimized and easy to use. Our software also protects your files from hackers with our industrial-grade firewalls and responsive security protocols.

You also have the ability to divide groups of files into separate indexes so a certain department will only be able to access the files that are relevant to their work. Compartmentalization protects your company and saves time when running searches. We are sure your marketing department does not need to see all of the top secret R&D files that you store with us.

Our software is capable of sorting large volumes of files within minutes with its superior coding custom made by our best programmers. We make sure you do not even have to lift a finger, we can scan, index, and store all of your files while you’re asleep or while you’re on vacation.

Storing your files with us also makes it easier for your employees to collaborate as our software allows multiple people to edit a document simultaneously. Now your head of marketing and CFO can write up documents in synergy. Two heads are better than one so make sure to utilize our shared editing capabilities.

You will also save office space by accessing your files remotely instead of using filing cabinets. A one terabyte drive can store millions of documents, (depending on the average size of each individual document) whereas a filing cabinet cannot store even 0.1% of that amount. Ditch the filing cabinets to save space, time, and money.

We will not just index your files, we will even scan and digitize them for you. Our high-speed scanners can digitize all of your company’s documents faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious using its state of the art hardware and software. We make sure that digitizing and indexing your files is a stress-free process.

Say goodbye to misplaced documents and time wasted on running around the office looking for documents. Go digital and have us do all the work for you. When you have your files digitized and indexed by Perfect Retention, you know you’ll get quality, security, and most of all, an enjoyable experience. Give us a phone call today!