Each of your cartons and other storage containers is bar-coded and entered into our customized computer inventory system.

We provide you with printouts which include carton numbers, carton types, department codes, date of receipt, date of destruction, etc. Our computerized database and the complete reports it generates are intended to assist you in keeping track of your records management. We can also help you scan your paper records and offer document conversion services for all businesses and industries as well as document destruction options.

Perfect Retention believes in the beauty of versatility which is why we are prepared to manage your electronic records alongside your physical records. We support all common file formats including DOC, PDF, and RTF. We can send you physical and digital copies of your information at any time.

Security is the top priority at our archive facilities and digital servers. Our facilities has 24/7 security and state of the art firewalls installed to make sure unwanted personnel have no access to your sensitive data. Our security department monitors the status of our facilities at all times.

Our facilities are also equipped with advanced fire prevention systems. We have high-tech smoke detectors and fail-proof sprinklers to ensure your records are kept safe. We maintain and keep current all safety permits and follow local code required by fire departments in whichever jurisdiction our buildings are located.

We also have measures in place to protect our facility from tornadoes, which includes FEMA-approved heavy duty doors and windows. Our facilities can handle wind speeds of up to 250-mph. All our windows are made with state of the art transparent aluminum to defend against any airborne debris.

If you choose to digitize your records then we can give you 24/7 offsite access to all of your information. We even provide shared editing capabilities so multiple people can edit the same file in synergy. If you prefer to compartmentalize certain sections of your records then simply tell us and we will edit the permissions of each file group.

In the event of a disaster destroying your office, we can provide a temporary workspace for you and print copies of your information. You will also be provided offsite access to any crucial information you need. Once we have finished copying all of your records, we will schedule a secure transfer to your office.

When you no longer need some of your records, we can handle their destruction. Perfect Retention is NAID-certified which means we are authorized to destroy documents, records, electronic data, and any other formats of information without violating any regulations.

We provide you with a stress-free experience by handling everything you want us to. If you need any assistance then give our customer service representatives a call. They have been extensively trained for customer interactions and are eager to help you with questions you may have.

If you want to convert all your records into digital form then we will simply scan all of your paper copies. Our high-speed scanners can convert large volumes of information into digital files. We will also periodically update your file formats to ensure your records never become too outdated for current software to display.

Why Choose Perfect Retention for Your Records Management

We will handle everything from creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposal of your records. Perfect Retention is your one-stop-shop for record management solutions. When you enlist our help, you will never have to lift a finger again. You can rest assured knowing that we use the most efficient protocols to manage your information.

We will also protect your records from getting lost due to natural decomposition by copying them whenever they begin to degrade. We can also keep digital copies of all of your records to ensure its long-term survival. When you no longer need those records, we will use our heavy duty shredders to destroy any remaining physical copies.

Offices around the world struggle with record management. Do not waste time managing your records, let us at Perfect Retention manage them for you! Give us a call and schedule an on-site meeting or a video conference so we can begin serving you right now!