4 Reasons Storage for Law Firms is a Good Idea

Law firms collect by far the largest volumes of documents. Everything from receipts to case files to market research piles up in every law firm’s archives room. But fear not, there is a solution. Perfect Retention can store every last document, file, and note at a fair price. Our facilities keep your documents safe, easy to access, and most importantly, out of your limited office space.

#1. Preservation of information

Preservation of important information is no laughing matter. Think about all the important documents you have in your archives that are ripe for the picking, a sitting duck so to speak. The most common cause for loss of information are fires. Office fires destroy countless sensitive documents every year.

You may think your office’s sprinklers and smoke detectors are enough to protect your documents but that simply is not the case. All our storage facilities are equipped with state of the art fire detection hardware, a high sprinkler to square footage ratio, and employees who are properly trained to be able to react productively if a fire breaks out.

Even if your building is properly protected from fires, there are plenty of other ways your documents can be destroyed. Pests like booklice, cockroaches, termites, and silverfish can eat, yes eat, your valuable documents. Our climate-controlled facilities protect your files from becoming some insects next meal. We also offer climate-controlled furniture storage.

#2. Saving space

Offices across the country waste their valuable and costly office space on filing cabinets and archive rooms. We at Perfect Retention offer digital conversion services. We will convert all of your documents into digital form and properly index them. You will have 24/7 offsite access to everything you store with us.

Your average five-drawer filing cabinet can store only a fraction of the volume a one terabyte server can. We can provide you with high-performance secure server space for any of your digital documents. We will even periodically update your file formats to prevent the documents from becoming too outdated for modern software to read.

#3. Easy access

The legal industry is a rough and tough place to work in. There will always be bigger, richer firms out to get you, so being able to easily access all of your files is an absolute must. Defend yourself from being charged with injunctions by being able to access company records in just a few keystrokes.

Cold cases getting reopened always put law firms in a sticky situation. Finding case files from 5, 10, even 20 years ago can be next to impossible with conventional storage methods. Loss of evidence can cost you more than money, it can result in an innocent man getting incarcerated. Storing your case files with us will allow you to easily access them for decades to come.

Easy access to your files also makes your life a whole lot easier when it is that time of the year again and you need to do your taxes. Corporations can be fined up to half a million dollars in tax evasion penalties just because they lost track of their documents due to inefficient record storage systems.

#4. Security for your files

Our servers have high-end firewalls which have been custom made by our top programmers. Any physical documents you store with us will also remain secure at all times.

When you store your documents with us, you might as well be storing them at Fort Knox. Our facilities are virtually impenetrable. Storing your sensitive documents off-site is the best defense against corporate espionage. 80% of corporate espionage incidents occur within the company’s offices so the further away you store your documents, the better.

You have the option to compartmentalize your information. During the indexing process, we can restrict the access to sensitive information groups to certain employees, departments, or executives. Compartmentalization will prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. If sensitive information getting leaked is your worst nightmare then we are your dreamcatcher.

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