Why Would I Outsource Document Destruction?

Document destruction can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Companies around the world waste hundreds of man-hours per year on the proper destruction of the documents that they no longer need.

Fear not, there is a solution, you can outsource your document destruction tasks to service companies such as Perfect Retention. Today we’re going to tell you why you should consider outsourcing your document destruction needs.

To save time

One of the biggest benefits you get by outsourcing your document destruction needs is all the time you’ll save. Instead of having your employees spend hours of their work shift shredding old documents all you need to do is drop them in a bin and have them scheduled for pickup. Our transfer trucks can be at your doorstep within an hour of receiving your call.

If you have a scheduled system for your document destruction then just inform us and we will visit your office whenever you want us to. When you set up a pickup schedule with us you won’t even need to give us a call to get rid of your documents.

To save money

Saving time also means saving money. You’ll lower costs on overtime pay, electricity bills, and most importantly, government penalties if one of your employees slip up while disposing of your documents.

You’ll also save money on expensive equipment. Sure a paper shredder or two doesn’t cost that much but what about when you need to destroy a hard drive? You’ll need to buy an industrial shredder or high-temperature furnace. It is a lot more cost effective to outsource the document destruction instead of buying expensive equipment needed to do it within your offices.

When you are forced to destroy your documents at your own company you will often postpone this as it is such a chore, this will lead to over storage which will waste your office space and make it harder for workers to find documents that they need to review.

To protect information from corporate espionage

By outsourcing your document destruction to an off-site location you are protecting your trade secrets from corporate espionage. Corporate spies lurk around every corner and they are just waiting for you to ask them to shred some documents with sensitive information.They will actually shred it, right after they read and copy it.

Outsourcing document destruction ensures that your documents are being handled by a neutral party. All of our document destruction employees also sign NDAs or Non-Disclosure Agreements which prevents them from leaking your sensitive information to your competitors.

If you find any evidence that one of our employees has released your information then give us a call and they will be brought to justice as we have security measures in place to detect any unethical practices conducted by our employees.

Like most document destruction companies, once your documents arrive at our facilities they are stored in a holding room until the time comes for their destruction. A death row cell for documents if you will. But rest assured that all our facilities are secured 24/7. We have multiple guards patrolling at all times of the day and night. Our facilities are also equipped with CCTV cameras.

If it is digital media that you’ve sent us then your data will still be safe from prying eyes as our facilities connect to secure networks and have state of the art firewalls which have been custom made by our top programmers to ensure that your data stays away from corporate spies.

All our employees have gone through extensive background checks to prevent corporate spies from infiltrating our ranks. We check previous company employments, criminal records, psychological health, and any other key factors essential for determining who might be a corporate spy.

To ensure total destruction

Properly disposing of documents and digital media containing sensitive information is harder than you think. Many recycled hard drives still contain information from its previous users. This is a direct result of improper disposal due to either laziness or misinformation. Most people think that simply degaussing their drives or shredding their documents is enough, it isn’t.

Employees can be lazy, after all, no one wants to spend their Friday nights working overtime to shred old documents covered in dust. Many employees just throw the documents in the dumpster and then text you the thumbs up emoji saying that they’ve destroyed all the documents. That is just a scandal waiting to happen, reporters regularly check corporate dumpsters for information.

Even if your employees did shred your documents they probably just throw them in the trash afterward. Shredded documents aren’t difficult to reconstruct. Outsourcing your document destruction ensures that your documents will be shredded and dissolved. After shredding your documents we soak them in a barrel of bleach overnight to completely dissolve the paper and ink.

As far as digital media goes, we don’t just go for digital destruction, once we have deleted the files, degaussed it, and wiped the drive clean, we shred it to bits with our heavy duty shredders and burn the remains in our industrial oven. We can destroy anything from external drives to flash drives to floppy disks.

Mistakes can be costly. One employee slipping up could cost you and your company a lot of money. Leave the work to the professionals. If you are not totally confident in our ability to destroy your documents then feel free to watch us while we destroy your documents, we will inform you of the destruction date of your documents so you can watch the show.

The bottom line

Outsourcing document destruction protects your company from corporate espionage, saves you time and money, and keeps your company away from lawsuits and penalties. You’re killing a whole nest of birds with a single stone.

Outsource to us

If you’re thinking “wow this is great! I wanna try this!” then give us a call! Our customer representatives are eager to serve you. We at Perfect Retention offer fair prices and good services. Did we mention we’re NAID-certified? Well, we are. NAID stands for the National Association for Information Destruction.

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