Perfect Retention Launches the O’Neil System

We are always trying to improve customer service and customer experience with all of our services. Whether it’s improving the speed of retrieving your files or the security of your stored files, our number one goal is making you happy. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of the O’Neil System to help service you better with cloud services.

Why are we launching the O’Neil System?

We are always striving to be on the cutting edge of new technology and want to offer our customers better service through the cloud. The new system allows Perfect Retention to have quicker responsiveness and provide real time information.

Perfect Retention has a team of 8 members who have years of O’Neil and RSMobile experience. When there is an update to either program, we attend seminars and training workshops to keep up to date in order to provide our customers with the best service.

What are the best new features of the new system?

There are some great new features in the new O’Neil System. One new features is the cloud provides faster speed. You can import and export files faster which means you can get back to work and your day faster!

Another great feature is the encrypted data. Our updated software ensures increased confidentiality of our customers information. With all of the online security risks, we noticed a lot of customers were very concerned about file security so we wanted to help their peace of mind and improve the process.

We simply want to provide the best possible service for our customers and the new features reflect that.

What is the biggest change with this new system?

We have purchased new generation scanners which are compatible with android operating systems and provides real-time transfer of records either through data or Wi-Fi. This is probably the biggest noticeable change from the consumer’s end.

Also by using the O’Neil system, we can provide faster retrieval of your files. With RSMobile and our wireless MC55A0 scanners, our Perfect Retention manager can send a request to our warehouse staff to retrieve any box/file with the help of our 3 order selectors.

How can I upgrade?

We choose to upgrade on behalf of our customers, so you can share the convenience of our new programs and scanners.

How to get started if you’re only storing physical files

If you are interested in using our cloud services and need to convert physical documents, we can help you accomplish that with our document conversion services.

Document conversion services

Perfect Retention provides complete scanning and document conversion services.

Our document conversion services include scanning your hard copy documents at our facilities or onsite at your location. Using high-speed scanners, we are able to provide fast, reliable conversion of your printed records into digital files. We can then enter those files into a document management system. For fast retrieval, we will index the documents during the conversion project. Using high-speed scanners, we are able to complete your project quickly, efficiently and at competitive prices. If needed, we can also store your paper records after the conversion.

Another perk of digitizing your documents is all the office space that you will save. Instead of keeping your documents in dozens of file cabinets, just store them securely on our servers. We have state of the art firewalls to keep your documents safe. We even copy everything you store with us onto multiple partitions to make sure you never lose your data.

File indexing services

After the digital conversion process, we can also index your files. Having your files indexed can bring many financial and chronological benefits. When your files are indexed it is easier for your employees to access what they need. This will save a lot of time in comparison to your employees running around the archives checking every filing cabinet just to find the right file.

Our index software also comes with a user-friendly search engine, 24/7 offsite access, and even EditSync technology which allows multiple people to edit the same file in synergy. Our indexing software can sort large volumes of data within minutes using its superior compression and data classification algorithms.

We can even create individual indexes for each department of your company. This will make it easier for your marketing department to access files that are relevant to them and will prevent corporate espionage by compartmentalizing sensitive data. Your marketing department can’t view your research and development department’s files and vise versa.

Security is our top priority

We at Perfect Retention ensure that all of our facilities are safe from theft and other threats at all times. We have multiple guards on patrol during all hours of the day and night. Our facilities are also equipped with CCTV cameras, keypad locks on all entrances, and alarm systems.

Our facilities are also prepared to battle non-human threats such as natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires. We have installed FEMA-approved heavy duty doors and windows to protect your data in the event of a tornado. All filing cabinets and server racks are anchored down in the event of an earthquake,we have high-end smoke detectors and sprinklers to protect the facility from an electrical fire.

All our servers are connected to private networks and never to WiFi networks or other unsecured connections. This is to prevent any cyber thieves from gaining access to your data. When the time comes and you want some of your data disposed of then we will physically destroy the hard drive to ensure there is no chance of recovering the data after destruction. We are NAID-certified.

How Perfect Retention can help

Don’t stay stuck in the past, take the next step to secure storage today, store safe, store with Perfect Retention.

If you would like to learn more about the O’Neil System and how it might affect your current account or would like to get started with us then please contact us today!

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